The Beloved's Blog


About “The Beloved's Blog”

I created this blog as a channel for me to share my personal revelations and testimonies. The purpose is to spread the gospel and glorify Christ.

The title of this blog, “The Beloved's Blog” aims to remind me of who I am in Christ. I am the beloved who is accepted in the Beloved, Who is Christ. Because I am in Christ, Daddy God treats me as I am Jesus. Now, that doesn't mean I am Jesus. What it means is God showers me with His grace and goodness, simply because I belong to Christ.

How the Blog was Built

For those who want to get technical, I am a programmer by trade. I specialise in web development. I built this blog on my own. The blog has 2 components: the content management system or CMS and the Frontend.

The CMS portion is built in Laravel 8 using PHP. It uses GraphQL as the query language and PostgresSQL for the database. I bought the Architect UI template for the CMS.

The frontend portion (this blog) is built in GatsbyJS (based off ReactJS) and GraphQL. I styled my own blog in SASS.

I used the markdown to allow me to add basic styling to my blog's content like headings and links.

For deployment, the CMS is deployed on Heroku, while this blog is deployed on Netlify.