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Celebrating Divine Health: A Journey to Lower Blood Sugar

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Hi, I want to give glory to Jesus for bringing down my blood sugar.

In 2018, I got the shock of my life as a young person. I was diagnosed with diabetes, and my sugar level was 8.0 (ideal 5.0 to 6.5). It took me a while to come to terms with it. My parents also have diabetes.

I did the usual thing of cutting out any food high in carbs, like sugary foods, dieting, and exercising, and my sugar came down to 5.0. But I wasn’t enjoying the journey as a foodie, and I knew I was doing it out of my own effort. I’m also on medication that regulates my blood sugar.

I felt like Jesus wanted me to enjoy what I ate. Just limit to 4 meals a day, and stop drinking sugary drinks like bubble tea and coconut milkshakes. When my friends order bubble tea, I will opt for an iced latte with no syrup. This allows me to enjoy sweet treats like cakes and kueh occasionally.

Cutting out sugary drinks like bubble tea felt effortless. Jesus showed me that I was drinking them for the sake of drinking and not because of addiction. But it took a while for my sugar to come down.

It was a challenge of faith, as I saw my sugar rise to 7.9 between 2021 and 2023. But I felt led to keep trusting the Lord and eating sweet food when I felt the peace.

Throughout this whole journey, I also partook in the holy communion with my parents—trusting Jesus for a breakthrough in our diabetes as a family. During one of the services we attended in the 2nd quarter of 2023, Pastor Prince declared freedom from diabetes during the ministering. We received it as a family.

In June, I received my latest blood test report. When I saw the doctor, I was expecting to be reprimanded for my high sugar. But the first thing the doctor said was “good news”. He said my blood sugar dropped to 6.9. I held back a “hallelujah”. My visits have also been reduced from every 3 months to every 6 months! WOW! I didn’t count calories. I still ate sweet food like cakes and kueh. The only thing I stopped doing was drinking sugary drinks. I also continued with my iced latte and green tea.

In July, my mum also received a good report on her blood sugar! But my dad is still struggling to control his sugar.

Thank You, Lord, for the breakthrough in our blood sugar, and I declare and believe that it will go down to 5.0 and be off medication.