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Gifts to Jesus: Transforming Weaknesses into Blessings

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As we approach the festive season to celebrate Jesus’ birthday, let’s remember why He was born. Jesus was born to save man from their sin and give them righteousness.

During this season of giving, we all anticipate receiving good gifts–from bonuses to presents from loved ones. But have you thought of what you can give to Jesus? No, let’s not think the way the world thinks. Jesus doesn’t need our perfection and good behaviour. He’s already perfect and has everything.

Instead, the most excellent present you can give Jesus is your attention and little (weaknesses, lack, and failures). Give that to Him and watch Him transform them into blessings for others.

We see this all over the Bible. Abraham and Sarah had a child at 100 and 90 years old. Sarah had her youth renewed at 90. David, a shepherd boy, was made king of Israel, from which Jesus came. God caused a widow’s oil to keep flowing till she had many jars full. Jesus took a little boy’s lunch of 5 loaves and 2 fish and fed 5000+ people.

Edit: We also see this today. Jesus took a stutterer and caused him to preach to millions around the world. He took a young girl who was sexually abused and made her one of the first (and now very prominent) woman preachers. He took another young girl who was abandoned and made her a great evangelist. He also took another young girl who was miss unpopular in school and transformed her into one who can befriend anyone. This person has worked with Singaporean Chinese, Singaporean Malays, Singaporean Indians, Indian Indian, Vietnamese, Burmese, American, and British. Can you guess who these people are? Can you recall moments in your life where Jesus blessed the little you had?

So give your lack to Jesus and watch Him multiply it and bless multitudes!