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Psalm 4 & 5: Trust, Worship, and Finding Safety in Jesus

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The Lord has set apart his faithful servant for himself. He hears me when I call out.

Look deep down inside yourself and be silent.

Offer to the Lord the sacrifices of godly people.

Trust in Jesus.

Jesus, You alone keep me safe.

Jesus, You are my king and God.

You hear me when I cry for help. When I pray to You.

Jesus is not pleased with anything evil.

Those who do wrong can't live where You are.

The proud can't stand before You.

You hate anyone who does evil.

You destroy those to tell lies. You hate murderers and cheaters.

Because of Your great love, I can come into Your house.

With deep respect, I worship You.

Lead me in Your right path. You make your way smooth and straight for me.

God, show that they are guilty.

My enemies refuse to obey You.

I am glad in Your safety.

You keep me safe.

Those who love You are happy because of You.

Surely, You bless those who do right.

Like a shield, Your loving care keeps me safe.