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Restored Dreams in Jesus

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Hey all, I feel Jesus has put it on my heart that He's restoring the dreams I had in school.

I always dreamt of running my own company one day. I always believed in dreaming. Yes, I can't have it yet, but I can dream, right? And with Jesus, nothing is impossible. I used my 3d modelling skills to model my dream company building. I used PowerPoint to draw the layouts of each office floor.

However, due to my broken mind in 2014, I gave up dreaming. But I put it in God's hands and trusted He would come through for me.

When I first joined my current CG, many saw me as small and timid. But I was actually nursing a broken mind and heart. A mind wounded from the stress in school and a heart wounded by broken promises and needed time to recuperate. I was observing people and wondered if anyone would step into my boat. I was watching to see if a person's words and actions match.

Also, my broken mind made it hard for me to process complex conversations. I wouldn't get it if people had hidden meanings behind what they said. I just saw things in black and white.

But Jesus gave me many amazing friends in the form of my colleagues to minister and be a friend to. And as I befriended people, it healed my heart and helped me to trust people again.

I had 2 breakthroughs in my mental health this year, which allowed me to manage the stress and comprehend more complex conversations.

Jesus told me that He wants me to soar again. I told the Lord, You know the truth; You see all. You see and understand what I've been through. What people saw as small and timid was, in fact, an eagle who was broken and battered. But now I feel like I'm made whole again and am ready to take on new challenges and soar. And this time, I feel I'll soar much higher and further than ever before for Jesus.

I dream of building a company founded on Biblical love, grace, and justice. I want to change the working culture--a place for learning and second chances. A place where people are celebrated. Of course, there's work to be done because one's being paid, but it won't be a place driven by money but by God's grace and love.

How that's going to happen, I'm not sure. That's up to Jesus to lead, show, and teach me.

Jesus will be at the centre of this company, amen.