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Supernatural Energy: Experiencing Abundant Life through Jesus' Power

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Good evening. I have a testimony on supernatural energy.

I started by day serving in Rock Kidz. It was a restful and smooth experience. There was an ease and flow as we served, and the equipment worked perfectly. Then I remembered praying over the serving last night.

After that, I attended the third service with some of the CG people at the Star.

Then, I went to Vivo City with my best friend and another CG member. All of us shopped to our hearts' content. Before going off, we adjourned to the Kopitiam and had a chitchat. We shared brownie and walnut popcorn, an egglet pancake, and brown sugar banana chips.

I noticed that I had energy for the whole day! I did not feel tired one bit! I even had the energy to do supper with Jesus at McDonald's and journal.

Wow! What supernatural energy! I feel Jesus' life flowing in me. I have the vigour to stay up the whole night! But I won't because that's not wise. I am genuinely experiencing what Jesus says, "You shall have life and have it more abundantly."

Really, like what Pastor Lawrence shared today, Jesus is the solution to everything. See yourself lacking in something? Ask Him for provision. See yourself in a challenge you cannot overcome by yourself? Ask Him for the wisdom and strength to overcome. See yourself in bondage you cannot free yourself from? Ask Him to release you. Jesus is the solution to everything.