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Transformed by Grace: My Fitness Journey with God's Help

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I want to share my testimony on God’s grace in my fitness.

Do you all remember that we began 2016 with a hike? Back then, I was so unfit that I struggled to keep up. I also dreaded staircases.

In 2017, I got frustrated and wanted to do something about how unfit I was. I tried Pastor Mark’s method. But I felt like Jesus wanted me to go the traditional route of dieting and exercise. It started with gym training at HomeTeam NS. My routine consisted of machines like the treadmill, cross trainer, and step machine.

When Jesus increased my finances, I joined the FitnessFirst classes. I did Body Combat and Shabam. If I missed the class, I would do my workout, which consisted of weights and the cross-trainer. I returned to training when COVID hit and could not book the gym classes.

Fast forward to today, and I am much fitter and happier, from not being able to climb a few steps to being able to climb seven floors to my flat. I could also keep up with everyone during our last hike this year. I could also do all the exercises except splits during our pilates session. Not only that, but I’m doing half planks, mountain climbers, and step-ups during my training. All the while, I was restful and enjoyed my sessions. Even my trainer says I’ve improved a lot.

Thank You, Lord, for helping to get fitter restfully.