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Unmasking Deception: Sin's Casual Dismissal in the World

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I want to note another observation about the world and how the devil lies to them.

Don't you find it ironic that the world makes light of the Bible, God and sin? The penalty for sin is death—not just physical death but spiritual death. Yet the world either doesn't know or doesn't care. Who do you think is making them think light of sin and death? Such that death is just ceasing to exist? Well, it's the devil. And when God puts a Christian in a sinner's way to show them the truth, who tells the sinner that God, and by extension, Christians, are against them?

I guess this gives us some insight into what happens during alter calls.

This ties in with what Pastor Lawrence preached today. Jesus is for sinners but is against sin. Because sin is destroying the sinner, I pray that all of us will show the world that Jesus is for them, loves them and wants to save them from their sins.

Anyway, I'm sharing my observations.