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Unveiling the Devil's Tactics: Insights from Pastor Prince's Sermon

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I was listening to Pastor Prince’s sermon “Your Best Days Are Ahead”. It came to the part where Pastor Prince shared when he casted a demon out of a woman. He said the demon spoke in a furious voice.

That got me thinking about the pattern of the devil and current trends. Well, the devil hates man because we remind him of God. So, he programmed man to go towards death. First is programming death into our language. Why do we always say, “We are dying for that piece of cake?” Why “dying” and not “living”? If we die, we cannot enjoy the cake.

Next is stirring wrath and strife. Notice that Pastor Prince said that the demon was angry. So, if you ever feel the temptation to rage or get justice for the injustice done to you, it’s coming from the devil. He also puts thoughts like, “they hate you” or “they are against you” when they don’t support your ideas or opinions.

The devil’s other weapon is stress. If Jesus’ yoke is easy and His burden is light, then the devil’s yoke is hard and his burden is heavy. So, if you feel stressed or pressured to do something you’re uncomfortable doing, it’s clearly from the devil. God’s ways always bring love, peace and joy. Especially don’t feel pressured into making hasty decisions. Take time to seek the Lord and sense His peace before making choices.

Anyway, I just wanted to share my observations on the devil’s tactics and hope they will speak to you. 😊