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Unravel the Beloved's Blog

About this blog.

Hello, I’m Davina Leong, and my passion is letting the light of Jesus shine through me.

This blog serves as a compilation of my personal studies, testimonies, and revelations of Jesus. While I am actively involved in a local church, it’s important to note that this blog is independent and not affiliated with any specific organization, whether Christian or otherwise.

Unless specified, all verses are sourced from the New International Reader’s Version. I appreciate its simplicity, but I encourage you to choose a translation that resonates with you. Consider exploring various translations to gain a more comprehensive perspective of the scripture. For my personal Bible study, I prefer Yong’s Literal Translation, although I don’t recommend it for new believers due to its complexity.

Above all, I urge you to seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit when delving into the Bible. As the true author, only He can reveal the profound truths contained within. While sermons can be valuable, it’s essential to acknowledge that preachers may make mistakes or misinterpret scripture, including the content of this blog. I, too, listen to various preachers. If a sermon leaves you confused, turn to the Holy Spirit to guide you to the truth.